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Kid’s Bathroom Reveal

Almost 4 years ago, we moved into our 1965 Colonial.  It was well- maintained BUT was in desperate need of a design overhaul.  We have been slowly renovating room by room and we finally tackled the kid’s bathroom.  This room was screaming: make me pretty!  The tile on the floor was deteriorating and the grout was extremely stained.  The layout was completely dysfunctional since opening the door had you walking smack dab into a plumbing wall.  We also had a window to contend with.

I designed several different layouts before settling on our final plan.  But before we get to that, see the BEFORE photos:


You have to LOVE the teal and orange combo!

















See the crowbar in this photo?  Took these photos right before demo day!

Here is the gorgeous AFTER:


 We flipped the tub/shower to the back wall to open up the space and changed out the window to a frosted glass for privacy.  We were even lucky enough to have a small amount of space left for a small linen closet.  With a new toilet, vanity, tub and lighting, this space is so light and bright.  I chose white subway tile for the shower with a cobalt penny tile accent stripe.  And the floor OH the floor!  You can’t stare at it fore very long or your eyes go crazy, but I love it so freaking much!

Kids Bathroom

Kids Bathroom

Kids Bathroom




Kids Bathroom

This bathroom is such a breath of fresh air after using the old 1960’s bath for so long.  It’s clean, crisp and reminds us of the Cape (one of our favorite places!)





If you have a tired bathroom that needs a sprucing don’t hesitate to reach out!  Bathrooms are SO fun to design!



Cobalt Penny Tile, White Penny TileWhite Subway TileVanityMirror, Sconces, Stool, Artwork, Faucet


Repeat After Me: Never Ever Paint Wallpaper!

One of my hefty goals in the next 6 months is to redesign my daughter, Addison’s bedroom.  When we moved into this house, everything happened so fast, I was unable to really think about the design I wanted for her room (and pretty much the whole house!)  And sidenote:  Hubs LOVES that I am redoing everything (enter sarcasm).  In my defense, it’s been 4 years and that is a record for me to not take a paint brush to some walls.

Our first step was to get off the ugly wallpaper that had been painted yellow/gold (sweet baby Jesus – do not EVER paint wallpaper!  EVER!  Promise me you will never do this!).  This led to several crying tantrums “why oh why would someone do this?” and ultimately I gave up on the room.  My sweet husband kept at it.  Scraping and washing walls for days.  To this day the smell of fabric softener makes me sick to my stomach as you will read on many websites this is supposed to help make the work easier.  I honestly think he gave up as well and simply started slapping up the paint in the hopes it would dry.  The point of the story is, that due to all of this frustration, I chose a color purple that we had used years before on Addison’s nursery.   I had no energy left to come up with any sort of design plan at the time.  Fast forward 4 years and I am nauseous over the purple.  It’s pretty, don’t get me wrong, but I tire of bright colors quickly.  See the 2 before photos below.

When we bought our current house:

Addy's Room

This is my old house but with the same purple color:


One beauty of a day, I decided I had enough.  Luckily, we have a paint store 1/2 mile from the house so it is way too convenient to fulfill any paint changes I want to make on a whim!  Hubs also LOVES this as well!  This time, I felt it was important to do a neutral color on the walls since I find, personally, any saturated color over time begins to make me physically ill just due to getting sick of looking at it.  For me, I’m a neutral wall girl.  I’ve accepted that.  I prefer to spruce and change color with accessories, fun furniture, rugs, curtains etc.  These items can be changed easily and moved around the house, whereas paint is much more labor intensive and I’m feeling old and tired lately.

I created a design plan for Addison’s room to help keep me on track and give the room a cohesive look.  She is also going to be 7 in a few months, and my hope is that this new design will grow with her for a long time.  My biggest advice to parents is to try to create a timeless room instead of getting pulled into the “baby trap” decor.  They grow so fast and you will find yourself redecorating before you know it.  I also advise against cartoon/animated themes as I now learned the hard way, every year presents a new theme.  My son went from loving Thomas the Train to Angry Birds to Star Wars to Legos to now the Red Sox!

This execution will most likely take a few months but I will definitely share the after photos once it’s complete!  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to know the sources of the products.  Stay tuned….

Addy's Room

Why I Hope My Kids Get Poison Ivy This Summer

Ok well, not really but my kids need to LIVE A LITTLE!  You will see my point in a bit….

I’m in shock the kids have only 1 more week of school left. I’m happy to have them home, but also freaking the heck out at the same time! I will never forget being so incredibly frustrated that first week the kids were home last year. I mean it’s been almost 10 months living apart during the day with our own routines. Last year I was at my whit’s end by DAY 2 because they were circling me constantly saying “what can we do?”.  All I could muster up was a “FIGURE IT OUT!”  My sweet mediator son, Aidan finally said to me, “Mom, I don’t know what to do, I’m usually at school all day and my teachers TELL me what I’m supposed to do.”

Heart sank.  There was my wake up call!  These kids are pretty much like little herds of adorable sheep at public elementary school. They are told what to do every minute of their school day with virtually no room for self direction! So of course when summer comes along, they are swarming me looking for some sort of entertainment.

When I was a kid, we JUST PLAYED!  All day everyday.  We roller skated in my dark basement.  We rounded up the neighborhood kids and played school.  We built forts in the woods, walked the neighborhood and swam all day in our pool.  Today, kids are given so much and are so sheltered from the hard stuff.  I feel they are in some cases, missing what was so fun about being a kid:  creating your own fun even if it means bumps, bruises and poison ivy on your butt!  Maybe you are reading this and your kids are already doing this!  If that’s the case, bravo!  In our house, I will be making a conscious effort to give my kids the structure that they have been conditioned to need, but also block out time for them to be kids and expect them to FIGURE IT OUT!

I decided this year was going to be different.  Both my kids are electrona-holics so it is important for me to limit their time on them.  I also work from home so last year was quite the poop storm in my house since we had no structure.  I truly embrace the fact that the beauty of summer is to be on the no-plan plan, however, while my kids are young, I believe we all function better with some structure.  So, as a group, we came up with our Summer Schedule which I am including in this post.  Feel free to use it as a guide.  It’s not rocket science BUT the kids were really excited about it and so am I.  At any given time throughout the day, we all know what is expected of us.  Of course, this schedule is not absolute and can be flexible.  The point is, it’s a guide (my sister is rolling her eyes here).  It’s not for everyone!  But it’s our attempt at having a peaceful summer.


In conjunction with our schedule, every year we come up with our Summer Bucket List.  It’s a simple list of things we hope to do this summer.  Some are big like going to NYC and some are small like making S’mores or having a lemonade stand.  But it helps at the end of the summer to remember all of the fun things we experienced and when the new school year is creeping up, it nudges us to get some fun activities on the books.   It’s a really fun activity to get the kids pumped for the best summer!


A wise mom once told me, if you really think about it, we don’t get that many summers with our kids.  Once the teenage and driving years hit, they want to be with their friends (and hopefully get jobs) which leaves us with only 14 summers at best!  Considering I’ve got a 9 year old, we better start REALLY enjoying every moment!




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