Although we have completed several large renovations over the years, the one that I am really excited about is by far the smallest!  Measuring in at a mere 56 square feet will be our new mudroom!  Or I should say mud-way.  

Originally, when we bought the house, we decided to remove the extra door (pictured)2 and funnel guests through the front door.  We replaced the exterior wall with a large double window, but were left with the overhang and an ugly, crumbling porch under it.


We discussed making the patio nicer and jazzing it up, but that would have cost a few thousand dollars and it’s not a space that we would use at ALL.  A waste of money in our opinions!

What WOULD be useful to us would be a place where we can enter our home, but keep the rain, mud, snow out of the main living space.  This porch turned out to be the best solution.  Extremely tiny but extremely useful!

I became inspired by this project from Studio McGee, who’s style I just adore.


The shiplap walls are still up for debate as the only affordable option is to use pine tongue and groove planks since we want to avoid dry-walling.  This will require lots of oil based primer on the knots and hope that they don’t bleed through the final paint.

I purchased this slateIMG_6106 tile from Home Depot that was extremely affordable and our contractor/awesome friend will cut them down to 12″ X 6″ tiles.  I also asked for a herringbone pattern like the one pictured above.  The color is amazing:  a blue with some slight green undertones.  I know I’m going to love it.

Lastly, I needed to design the cubby configuration!  What’s a mud hallway without some cubbies for all of our gear?  I only have 4 feet to work with due to the configuration and flow of this room.  The dimensions are 14 feet X 4 feet and unfortunately, because it’s so narrow, it only makes sense to designate the far wall as the cubby wall.

I found this photo from Van Wicklen Design on Pinterest.  It’s exactly what we need in this space except on a much smaller scale!


Wish me luck on this design adventure!  Here is a photo of our current state of affairs.  I cannot wait to post the final product in a few weeks!