As soon as the weather gets chilly, it’s time to turn our attention to our home’s interior.  We are stuck looking at it so much more now.  Time to touch up walls with paint, fill holes, perform a deep fall clean and purge purge purge!  My routine is to go through all the closets and donate what doesn’t fit or what we think would be great for someone else to love.  That takes priority.  I hate to wait too long because I don’t know about you, but I feel as though retailers move SO fast on seasonal product (or maybe I am a procrastinator?)!  Things start to get marked down and picked over pretty quickly so I like to get clothing, coats, hats, winter gear needs taken care of right away to get the best selection.  Sales are starting up now so pay attention to your favorite stores!

Now I am turning my attention to the main areas of the house and the kids toys. The dreaded toys and games  – OH SO painful!  But it feels so good to donate things they haven’t used in the last year(s) and have less “stuff”.  Here is a round up of my favorite kids organization ideas for our biggest clutter issues.

Dirty laundry:  This is a great option for fighting the ever-mounting laundry mountain.  Give each of your kids a stylish hamper that looks like cool decor like this one  from Pottery Barn Kids (currently on sale!).


Displaying knick knacks:  Here is a really fun option for displaying trophies, collectibles etc.  If your child is into a particular sport, there are several options.  I like using one or 2 of these pieces but not going overboard as kids’ interests change like the seasons.


Space to create, read and work:  This next idea is one of my absolute favorites and could be a pretty simple DIY.  Desk space for crafts, reading and homework is a must for kids of all ages.  I love the simplicity of this desk.  It also doesn’t take up much room so I can see this working even in very small rooms.  With some brackets fastened securely on the wall and any type of wood you can dream up, this could be a simple addition to a space!


Legos:  Everyone’s got ’em!  Holy moly – storing those things can be a total nightmare.  It took me a while to “let go” and if things we built got smashed up – that was ok!  Sadly, I am President Business and my OCD is in full force – I would love to krazy glue those things in a heartbeat.  BUT our kids have other plans.  And why not smash and build new things right?  So what a brilliant way to store them: by color!  I had not thought of it until a visit to the Lego store with their amazing displays of colored Legos.  Duh!!!!  Check out this blog – it has tons of great ideas for lego storage!


And I just loved this mini figure display.  Fun to play with and so fun to decorate with!


Toys etc:  My best advice is to go through them often and donate, de clutter, dispose!  If this is done often enough I find that I can donate so much because the toys/games haven’t been destroyed – which is what happens when things are held onto for too long.  To organize the chaos, it’s a good idea to sit down and look at those items that are must-keeps.  Toys come in all shapes and sizes and it helps to see what could be grouped together and what size storage would be needed.  Try to estimate how many bins etc you would need to keep the must-keeps contained.  This closet would be simple and fairly inexpensive to execute by heading to your local Target.  I love that most everything could fit in this space and be closed off when not in use.


If you don’t have a closet nearby, I love these simple stacking bins.  So many retailers have their version of them at all different budgets.  This style happens to be my favorite because it can truly grow with your child and even adults can re purpose them for a craft room or another closet organizer.


I hope you leave inspired to whip your homes into shape before the holiday craziness is upon us!