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Mirrors at Homegoods Right Now!

I love a good Homegoods session.  If you are like me, it’s fun to go in and wander around for a few hours (if we get so lucky!).  I am definitely that person that goes in for 1 random thing (like Himalayan salt) and I walk out with 2 lamps, an area rug, and a cake plate.  I love Homegoods because it’s a great store to go into with some inspiration, but then find similar items and not pay designer price tags.

One of my favorite things they sell are mirrors!  I find that most other retailers charge so much for mirrors.  Don’t get me wrong, I love good quality investment pieces, but my thoughts on what those should be continue to change.  With stores like Ikea, Homegoods, and Target all stepping up their game every season, I find more and more great stuff there.  Since I tire easily of some decor items, I like having the option to change things up at home without spending a lot of cash!  With everything being so expensive these days, we all want comfortable homes that reflect our styles, but we still want some extra cash in our wallets for other fun things.

I found these great mirrors just a few days ago at my local Homegoods.  The prices were $80-$100 and they were great, large sizes!  These are timeless and can go with any decor.  In fact, I’m kind of annoyed that I don’t have any spots in my house that are in need at this moment.

Hexagon Shape:  Is this even a hexagon?  I am no geometry whiz but I am in love with this shape right now!

Timeless Rectangle:  Now this one I know is right:) I love this mirror because of the fact that it’s mirrored the whole way around the frame.  It gives off a luxurious feel and can really brighten up a room.  This style literally goes with ANYTHING!

Rounded Edges:  This mirror has more of an industrial feel but goes well with any decor style.  The dots are a nice contrast to any patterns you might have going on in your room (unless of course the room is polka dotted – that might be a bit too much!)  I also love that the frame is also mirrored and rounded edges are a more modern touch!

Fleur de Lis Style:  I’m actually not sure if that’s the technical term for this shape but it’s what I think of when I see this.  The photo is hard to make out but I did my best to show you!  Basically this mirror has a fancy designed top which is just gorgeous!  I love bringing in interesting details with wall art and mirrors.  This one is a show stopper and I see this working well in a girl’s bedroom or any bathroom! And again, with them mirrored frame for the win!

If you are like most people who get totally overwhelmed by walking into a Homegoods and can’t focus on what will work in your home, I am happy to shop with you and help you collect the right pieces.  My biggest advice though, is if something speaks to you, buy it!  Right then and there!  Buy it and bring it home, try it out.  You can always return it if it doesn’t work.  I always feel better when I buy something I thought I loved, brought it home and realized eh, not so much.  Returning is simple and gives you another reason to look around:)

Happy Homegoods shopping!  Have a great weekend!



Favorite 5 (Affordable) Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchens are the heart of the home in my opinion and they are one of my favorite spaces to design.  If you are anything like me, I spend about 80% of my time in our kitchen.  So for me, it has to be a space I enjoy being in.  As I always say, I love simplicity and kitchen design is no exception.  I am loving the latest trends I’m seeing out there because they really speak to my need for classic, clean and simple design.  Open shelving, hidden appliances, and great organization are all features that have been the biggest take-aways when I peruse kitchen designs.  I could write 10 blog posts surrounding kitchen design (hey, maybe that’s a good idea!), but today I am focusing on my 5 favorite (affordable) kitchen backsplashes.

When choosing a backsplash there are a few things to consider.  If you are starting your kitchen design from scratch, obviously your options are endless.  However, if you are working with existing cabinets or counter tops it’s important to look at everything as a whole.  In my own kitchen, I have a gray granite which is pretty busy looking.  In my case, a really simple backsplash is in order since something with a lot of color or pattern makes your eyes go all sorts of crazy.  The key is to have an impactful design feature, but also let the eye rest surrounding that feature.  If I had a more clean, simple counter top, I could push the envelope a bit with the backsplash.

I also like to consider the size of the space as well.  If you are working with a large kitchen (and simple counter top), a smaller patterned backsplash is a great idea and will bring interest and warmth to the space.  If your kitchen is on the smaller side and cozy as it is, the best option would be a larger tile to make the space feel bigger.  If you feel totally confused by all of these suggestions, don’t be afraid to reach out for some design services!  These considerations are what designers think about to get you the best design:)

Here are my favorite 5 affordable backsplashes right now:

#1.  Classic Subway Tile

Image Source: Mullet Cabinets via Decor Pad

The options are endless!  Color of tile, ceramic, glass, color of grout and style of install are all reasons this tile is a win.  It’s a classic style that can be customized to your personal preference.  This classic white ceramic 3″ x 6″ subway tile is $1.76/sq foot at Home Depot and has many other variations on websites such as Wayfair.

#2.  Herringbone Mosaic Tile

Image Sources:  HGTV Magazine

Herringbone is another classic pattern that will never go out of style.  The photos above are likely individual subway tiles laid in a herringbone pattern, however, there are sheets of smaller tile available.  The mosaic sheets are a bit pricier but they cover 12″ X 12″ of space which can make the job go quicker!  Check out this herringbone mosaic from Home Depot.  At $11 per sq/ft it’s a great price when compared to some other options at tile specialty stores.

#3.  Arabesque Tile

Image Sources:  Home Depot

Arabesque is another pattern that I never tire of.  I love that it has soft edges which is a nice contrast to all the hard edges in a kitchen.  It can look busy depending on your other finishes, however, there are so many color options that make this style really versatile.  Of course the marble option is my favorite!

#4.  Brick

Image Source:  Decor Gold Designs

Image Source:  Home Depot

I love the look of exposed brick (when the brick looks a bit vintage).  This could look really great in the right kitchen.  In the first photo, real bricks were used and cut down.  That’s definitely a great option, but labor intensive.  I have seen brick veneer in tile specialty stores that look beautiful.  Home Depot comes through again for a great option in the 2nd photo.  The Abbey Brick in 2″ X 10″ is only $4.99 sq/ft.

#5.  Moroccan Fish Scales (Fan Shape)

Image Source:  House Beautiful website via Decor Pad

Can I just stop and say I am in complete awe of this kitchen by the designers at Urban Grace?  The colors are amazing and as you might imagine it’s a home near the water!  This kitchen shows that if you want to skip the white kitchen trend, this is the way to do it!  Like the other tiles I mentioned, fish scale (or fan shape) comes in too many colors and materials to count!  The soft edges are perfect paired with all the hard edges in the kitchen.  Mercury Mosaics and Tarbaka Studio have some amazing options regarding size and color, but might be pricey for a kitchen on a budget.

Image Source:  Marble Online

I was able to find this honed Carrara marble option at Marble Online for only $14.99/sheet!

I hope this helps anyone planning some home renovations!  I offer a la carte design services so please feel free to reach out for design advice if all of these decisions are too overwhelming.

Have a great weekend!  We are getting buried in snow:(



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