I’m not gonna lie.  This was the week from hell!  All 4 of us got the stomach bug at the beginning of the week.  It took us a few days to recover.  The only good thing that came of it was that none of us could eat so I didn’t feel guilty about not cooking at all for a few days.  Literally, all we we could do was lay around, watch T.V. and nap – would have been heaven if we didn’t feel so crappy.  We are all finally back to normal though it’s still tough for me to eat much.  As if the bug wasn’t enough, I got hit with a cold yesterday!   I cannot wait for this week to be over!

With all that said, I have been getting in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and seeing some really cool ideas out there!  I was trying to think of something fun and special to do for my family for dinner/dessert and one of my favorite bloggers, Driven by Decor, just posted the cutest idea – fondue!  We bought a fondue maker a long long time ago and the kids loved to use it.  It’s one of those things I forget to pull out every so often so when I read her post I knew it would be perfect!  I also love the heart-shaped bowls that Kris found at Homegoods.  Such a cute detail.  I see strawberries, pound cake, and marshmallows in my future:)

Image Source:  Driven by Decor

On one of my many many Target sprees I found these cute place mats for $3 each!:

And these cute straws:

I had to give our cocoa bar a little update too:)

We are lucky enough that our local farm Smyth’s Trinity Farm in Enfield, CT makes delicious strawberry milk so I will have some of that on hand.  I saw these milk ice cubes from A Subtle Revery and just about died!  These are made with regular milk, a little bit of food coloring, and a heart ice cube tray (I have seen trays everywhere!).  As they melt they make the regular milk turn pink.  So simple and so cute!

Image Source:  A Subtle Revelry

I LOVE this idea for special sugar cookies from Kelsey’s Kitchen and found cookie stamps on Amazon.  This will be a fun thing to have when the kids come home from school.  I also wanted to mention, if you are concerned about dyes in your kids’ food, I am loving these natural dyes I found on amazon.

I saw this cute idea for the days leading up to Valentine’s Day from Skip to my Lou.  She calls it a Valentine Heart Attack which is so clever!  You can start this anytime, but the idea is to start February 1st to the 14th and add a new heart to your child’s bedroom door (or wherever you choose to do it!).  Simple and sweet.  I think the kids will really love this.

Image Source:  Skip to my Lou

For all the incredible cupids out there, I have to mention how in love I am with Farmgirl Flowers.  Skip the grocery store bouquets and opt for the natural, freshly picked from-the-farm look of Farmgirl Flowers!  They have even created a “hint” card to leave out for your sweetie with a 15% pre order discount through 1/28.  How cute is that???

Image Source:  Farmgirl Flowers

Image Source:  @farmgirlflowers on Facebook

I hope you all stay healthy this season and this stomach bug avoids your families.  It is a doozie.  We were spared last year so maybe this was payback?  Have a wonderful weekend!