A love for New England architecture, charm, simplistic design, natural elements and colors all led to the creation of Paper White Homes. As a young girl, the seeds of design love had already been planted. My days were (and still are!) sometimes spent rearranging my bedroom or repainting my walls to reflect whichever trend was happening at that time (remember sponge painting?). I must have changed my bedroom at least twice a year. What’s kind of sad for a 17 year old is that it was so much fun to me! Yup, stayin’ home, rearranging furniture, painting, styling– that filled my heart back then and still does today!

Though my style has surely changed over the years, I am always brought back to creating simple, classic design. Creating calming homes. Creating comfortable homes. Homes that we LIVE in. Launching Paper White Homes has been years in the making and I am so excited to finally be in business. It truly fills my heart to be able to share my gift and help make home design less overwhelming for people.